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Report an Ethics Violation

Ethics Case Procedures

The ISA Credentialing Council develops and promotes high ethical standards for the Certified Arborist and Board Certified Master Arborist programs and requires that all certificants meet these standards. Disciplinary procedures are the only rules for processing possible violations of these ethical standards, and are applicable to certificants, as well as those who are seeking certification from the ISA Credentialing Council. Certificants and candidates seeking certification or recertification agree that: these procedures are a fair process for resolving all ethics matters; they will be bound by decisions made pursuant to these procedures; these procedures are governed by the principles of the law of the State of Illinois; and these procedures do not constitute a contract between the ISA and the candidate or certificant.

Certified Arborist Ethics Case Procedures

Board Certified Master Arborist Ethics Case Procedures

Ethics Charge Statement

An Ethics Charge Statement form is supplied by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) to individuals, groups or organizations (Complainants) who want to submit ethical conduct allegations concerning an ISA certificant, or candidate for ISA certification. In order to start the ethics complaint process, each Complainant must complete this form, or prepare a similar detailed description of the factual allegations supporting the charges.

ISA strongly recommends that all Complainants review the applicable ISA Arborist Code of Ethics, as well as the ISA Ethics Case Procedures before and during the preparation of an Ethics Charge Statement in order to understand the organization’s procedures and ethical standards. Complainants may also telephone the ISA Director of Certification at +1.217.355.9411 between 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM Central Standard Time, weekdays, with questions concerning the process.

Certified Arborist Ethics Charge Statement

Board Certified Master Arborist Ethics Charge Statement

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